Christmas is already knocking to the door, yet there is some work to do before, like choosing perfect gifts for our families and picking the right outfit for the party. Usually I like to get into something very cosy and warm when I spend Christmas with my family, because I love the typical Christmas with a family, like old times. I don’t like winter and snow, but in 24 and 25th of December, it has to be snowing :) I love watching snowflakes getting they way to the ground covering everything in white, that chilly weather outside is just a part of my Christmas.

New Years Eve party, it is a whole different story, so I always look for some inspiration for my outfit. Well, I really like sequins, I think it is a perfect detail for these parties, anyway, here is some inspirations.

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One week left until I will go to visit my family and spend holidays with everyone together. I am really excited about it, can’t stop counting days! I think everyone deserve to have peaceful holidays with our loved ones :) Meantime spending my weekend by chilling out, well in two ways, first relaxing way and in the same time freezing outside :D This weekend I tried a place where they serve best Nata in town, its called Nata Lisboa situated in Matosinhos, very cosy place and I can say that it was really one of the best nata pastry I ate until now.


We ordered menu which brought a shot of hot chocolate and warm natas. I was really surprised because usually when you ask for hot chocolate it comes very liquid and sweet, to much sweet for my taste, but here it was just a perfect hot chocolate! :)

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Snapped while resting! Today I was thinking that I will never trade off my over sized sweater and furry scarf, it keeps me warm with the hell of the cold outside, now I understand why Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen chooses fluffy sweaters or fur coats, I really like their style and it really helps when you are the person which has a problem with keeping yourself warm :)

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1. Quay Invador Cat-Eye SunglassesWhen I saw them, I though “hey, these babies are so cool” :D

2. Bimba y Lola Faux Fur CoatEvery lady has to have a fur coat for chilly days!

3. Adidas Mi Superstar Custom SneakersThese would serve perfectly in a closet full of high heels :)

4. Zara Printed ScarfCute scarf!

5. Schutz Mirtis Backless BootiesI was looking for backless open toe booties already for some time, these are gorgeous! <3

6. Bimba y Lola Oversized Mohair SweaterSweaters, sweaters, sweaters…. ohhh look Mooooooohair sweater!

7. Uterque Owl Box ClutchThis clutch is amazing, not noticing the Wisdom OWL!

8. Shoe Making Kit and Shoe LastMy passion for shoes!!! I feel like a Kid in a Candy store :D When I grow up I will be a Footwear Designer!

9. The Definitive Book of Body Language: Why What People Say Is Very Different from What They Think or FeelI like psychology, it is an interesting subject indeed!


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